International Bibliography of the Iranian Diaspora

The Islamic Revolution of 1979 disrupted life for millions of Iranians and lead tothe large numbers – from varied backgrounds — emigrating to dozens of foreign

This insightful bibliography provides a collection of vital information about the experiences of Iranian immigrants, the complexities of adjusting to new cultures and integrating into their adopted homelands.

From exploring the unique aspects of the Iranians in Australia to studying Iranian Migrant Women’s Beauty Practices and Veiling in Belgium, this bibliography is an impressive source of valuable insights about the rich culture and influence of Iranians around the globe.

Knowing more about Iranian diaspora also helps us appreciate the countless contributions that Iranians have made throughout the world, from their shared cuisine to the fascinating literature and artwork produced by the community. Furthermore, by understanding the Iranian diaspora, we can acknowledge the contributions of these individuals and communities, and honor their journeys of resilience, adaptation, and hope.

We are grateful to Professors Houchang Chehabi and Amir Sayadabadi for putting together their exhaustive and highly informative Iranian diaspora bibliography. Their hard work has provided us with a powerful tool for understanding the complexities of the Iranian diaspora, whose journey so often began in tragedy, and ended in astonishing achievements.

Ambassador John Limbert
Board of Advisers
The Baskerville Institute