Lady of the Land of Horses:

The Story of Louise Firouz, the American who Discovered the Caspian Horse in Iran

We are delighted to have Ms. Ateshé Larsson-Firouz, the daughter of Louise Firouz, who will be sharing her mother’s tale of friendship, endurance and courage during her time in Iran attempting to rescue the Caspian ponies. Ateshe grew up in the Alburz Mountains, her home full of Caspian horses whom she treated as both friends and riding partners. Later in life, she pursued higher education in Zoology and Biochemistry at UC Berkeley, Arabic Studies in Cairo and an MBA from I.E.S.E in Barcelona. Throughout her many professional experiences in the Biotech industry, Larsson-Firouz never forgot her original passion, horses, and more specifically the Caspian breed. They remained close to her heart, and she continues to teach, judge and assess them, always working to protect the horses she loves.


Iranian Athletes For Freedom (IAF)

The Baskerville Institute is proud to support Iranian athletes with its initiative Athletes for Freedom. It takes courage to fight for your right to be free. Iranian Athletes for Freedom is an initiative that supports Iranian athletes fight against dictatorship, violence, discrimination, and the suppression of free speech. Learn more about Baskerville Institute’s initiative Athletes for Freedom (IAF).


Opinion: Filmmakers, musicians, visual artists and writers have found new ways to protest in Iran

Author: Bahman Baktiari

Publication: Deseret News, January 12, 2023

The Iranian protests continue into 2023, and the protesters are growing.


Opinion: A game changer in Iran — how soccer stars are driving Iran’s protest movement

Author: Bahman Baktiari

Publication: Deseret News, December 8, 2022

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar has soccer enthusiasts scrutinizing every game, analyzing offensive and deference tactics, attacks, passing and teamwork while they wildly cheer for their favorite team. But inside Iran, the focus on soccer and the World Cup is quite different.


Woman, Life, Freedom: The Origins of the Uprising in Iran

Author: Janet Afary and Kevin B. Anderson

Publication: Dissent Magazine, December 2, 2022

The massive protests in Iran, fueled by the audacity of young women and children, are rooted in over a century of struggle.


Iran’s clerics have declared war on their own people

Author: John Limbert

Publication: Responsible Statecraft, December 1, 2022

A tight, privileged fraternity of religious leaders has monopolized power in Tehran since 1979. It’s now backed itself into a corner.


Opinion: How sports stars are forwarding the protests in Iran

Author: Bahman Baktiari

Publication: Deseret News, October 13, 2022

The bond between athlete and fan carries through in the Iranian protests.


By killing Mahsa Amini, the Islamic Republic has created millions of Medeas

Author: John Limbert

Publication: Iran Source, October 13, 2022

In Greek mythology, when the hero Jason betrays his wife, the princess Medea of Colchis, and marries another woman, Medea exacts the most horrible revenge and kills her rival and even her own children. In today’s Iran, millions of latter-day Medeas are bravely telling the world they have had enough of mistreatment by a brutal regime.


Baskerville Institute’s Mission

The cultural connections between the United States and Iran run deep. Howard C. Baskerville, who sacrificed his life for Iranian constitutionalism in 1909, bestowed to posterity a model of friendship that is relevant today because it provides an alternative to the mutual satanization and perpetual conflict that has defined U.S.-Iran relations since 1979.

The Baskerville Institute builds on its namesake’s legacy to promote understanding and respect between Americans and Iranians. It runs a lecture/webinar series, hosts a digital archive, supports research fellows and student interns, publishes a newsletter and translation projects, organizes cultural exhibitions and educational programs, and otherwise facilitates bridge-building between Americans and Iranians. The non-profit Baskerville Institute is located in Salt Lake City, Utah and draws on the experiences and expertise of individuals around the United States and across the world.