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Bahman Baktiari

Executive Director

Dr. Bahman Baktiari is the Executive Director of the Baskerville Institute, a non-profit organization that promotes understanding and respect between Americans and Iranians. He received his PhD in International Law and Government from the University of Virginia. He has published extensively on Iranian culture and politics, including the books Parliamentary Politics in Revolutionary Iran: Institutionalization of Factional Politics and Iran: Shari`a Politics and the Transformation of Islamic Law in Bob Hefner’s Shari’a Politics: Islamic Law and Society in the Modern World, Revolutionary Iran and Egypt, co-authored with Asef Bayat. among dozens of other publications.

He has also held academic and administrative positions at a number of universities in the United States and Egypt, including American University in Washington, DC, the University of Maine, American University in Cairo (AUC), and the University of Utah.

In addition to his work on Iranian culture and politics, Dr. Baktiari has also published on the growth of Iran’s civil society, from education to sports to film to music and art. He has also advised on wrestling diplomacy and assisted in the organization of wrestling events between the United States and Iran. His work on wrestling diplomacy is an example of his commitment to promoting understanding and respect between Americans and Iranians.

Dr. Baktiari is a respected scholar with a deep understanding of Iranian culture and politics. He is also a passionate advocate for peace and understanding between the United States and Iran.

The Baskerville Institute staff are committed to fostering greater mutual understanding between Americans and Iranians. They work on fresh ideas, bring energy to our work, and provide invaluable support in fulfilling our mission.

Our interns play a crucial role. We are proud to support these emerging leaders as they develop skills and gain experience in building bridges between nations.

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Delara Hosseini

Project Manager

Delara Hosseini is Project Manager at the Baskerville Institute. After receiving her undergraduate degree in History from the University of Utah, including a minor in Persian Language & Culture, she is dedicated to promoting friendship between Americans and Iranians, assisting in the implementation of the projects, ensuring that all projects are delivered with excellence. Delara is currently pursuing a graduate MBA at Westminster University, focusing on nonprofit management.


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Lindsay Hafen

Assistant Project Manager

Lindsay Hafen is the Baskerville Institute Fall 2023 intern. Currently a senior at Brigham Young University, she is studying Middle East Studies and Arabic. Her love for the Middle East stems from a desire to better understand the people, culture, and traditions of this region. Lindsay’s eagerness to enhance her education is what led her to apply for this internship. Her primary goal is to gain a deeper understanding of friendship in international affairs, particularly how to promote and enhance friendship between Americans and Iranians.  

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Erin Hardy

Assistant Project Manager

Erin Hardy is a Baskerville Institute Fall 2023 intern. Currently a sophomore at the University of Utah, she is studying Russian, Persian, and French. She has a passion for Persian culture and its profound influence in Central Asia and the Middle East. Erin is excited to have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Iranian culture, as well as to learn about the promotion of friendship between the US and Iran.

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Leslie Rodriguez-Diaz

Assistant Project Manager

Leslie Rodriguez-Diaz is a Baskerville Institute Fall 2023 intern. She is a senior at the University of Utah, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Middle East Studies with an emphasis on Persian and a minor in Arabic. Leslie stumbled upon her love of Iran and its culture through her passion for Persian. Her desire to connect with the Iranian community and improve her Persian skills is what brought her to the Baskerville Institute. Leslie intends to be commissioned into the United States Army and pursue a career in civil affairs.


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