Baskerville Institute Research Fellows
Baskerville Research Fellows conduct research that relates to the Baskerville Institute’s mission and contributes to one of its projects. Fellows may come from any disciplinary background, so long as they are active researchers and spend the nine-month fellowship term producing original scholarship or otherwise documenting the history of American-Iranian relations,  propose projects that build and sustain the memory of more than a century of friendship (1811-1978) between Iranians and Americans through the exchange of shared democratic values, common experiences, and knowledge.  The Institute may also host scholars interested in Iran and the Middle East, as well as bridge-building projects that facilitate friendship and peace in the Middle East and between the Iranian and American peoples.

Baskerville Institute Research Fellows contribute to the intellectual life and organizational growth of the institute through webinar moderation, participation in a seminar, and potential grant-writing projects and proposals. They also work on a specific institute project that relates to the fellow’s research area, and that contributes to the institute’s digital presence and/or in-person programming.

2021-2022 Research Fellows

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Charles Randall Paul

Charles Randall Paul (Ph.D., University of Chicago, Committee on Social Thought, 2000; M.B.A., Harvard University, 1972) is board chair, founder, and president of the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy. He has lectured widely and written numerous articles on healthy methods for engaging differences in religions and ideologies. He is on the board of editors for the International Journal of Decision Ethics.


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Professor Matthew K. Shannon

Matthew Shannon is a historian of the United States and the world. He focuses on U.S.-Iran relations, with research interests in the history of diplomacy, education and student movements, development and human rights, and religion in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Dr. Shannon’s fellowship project is the Community School Oral History Project (CSOHP), which will conduct interviews with former students, staff, and faculty of the American Community School of Tehran (1935-80).