Howard Conklin Baskerville

10 April 1885-19 April 1909

Howard C Baskerville – Martyr of Constitutionalism

The Constitutional Revolution in Iran (1905-1911) is one of the most prominent events in the history of Iran and Asia and had a great impact on the emergence of movements in other Asian countries. Many freedom fighters from other countries were encouraged by the development and came to Iran to fight alongside the Iranians for their Constitutional movement (1905-1910). When despotic forces (Istebdad) with the support of Tsarist Russia, were pressuring the constitutionalist forces, famous foreigners held rallies in support of the Iranian freedom fighters. For example, Zia al-Din, son of Mahmud Pasha, organized and chaired meetings with allies in Istanbul supporting the efforts of the Iranian freedom fighters. [Read more below or click the link below to view the full PDF]


Howard C. Baskerville Biography

Friendship Gallery

Compiled by our researchers, this digital library of photos and documents provide a snapshot of goodwill ambassadors who nurtured the seeds of friendship, respect, tolerance, and dignity. Baskerville’s death inspired the celebrated poet and scholar Malek ol-Shoar’a Bahar and Aref Ghazvini.

Oh, thou, the revered defender of the freedom of men,

Brave leader and supporter of justice and equity,

Thou has given thy life for the felicity of Iran,

O, may thy name be eternal, may thy soul be blessed!

Aref Ghazvini

Iranian Poet